• The Bisexuality-Aware Professionals Directory
    is a listing of professionals who are sensitive to the
    unique needs of bisexual clientele. About us.
  • Professionals listed include psychologists, psychotherapists, physicians, lawyers, financial
    advisors, massage therapists, social workers,
    chiropractors, lecturers, organizers, and others.

   Click on the type of professional that you are seeking.

   Life Coaches - Life and Personal Coaching

   Therapists - Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Marriage and Family Counselors, and Psychiatrists

   Body Workers - Chiropractors, Massage Therapists, Childbirth Educators, Sex Educators, Herbalists, Nutritionists, and more

   Business Professionals - Planners, Consultants and Organizers

   Computer Professionals - Web developers, network admins, DBs, graphic artists, and more!

   Educators - Speakers, Lecturers, Researchers, and Writers on Bisexuality

   Event Spaces - Places that are welcoming for bisexual people to host and attend events

   Financial Advisors - Includes Stockbrokers, Accountants and other Financial Advisors

   Legal Professionals - Lawyers / Attorneys, Private Investigators

   Medical Professionals - Medical Doctors

   Pastoral / Religious - Reverends, Rabbis, Priestesses, Pastoral Counselors...

   Performers - Singers and more

   Photographers - People who take really cool pics! :D

   Travel Agents - Book that flight, resort, or cruise!


   To contact the directory coordinator, email Geri Weitzman, PhD at: geriweitzman@gmail.com

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